An Hour in the Morning in the Day of the Life of a Multitasking Wife…

I admit I take multitasking to many levels – it’s great, but can be quite time consuming. I achieve a lot, but I also lose track of time in my day when I find multitasking moments coming on.

An example is this morning. While I packed up a couple of clothing items for our upcoming camping trip,  I grabbed a pair of old shorts for my husband and saw that another new pair he had bought had not been washed yet. I figured he might want to wear them this weekend. Checking the laundry bin, I knew I had enough dirty clothes for a small load. I decided I should also throw in the clothes I was wearing too, so I changed top and capris and grabbed hubby’s new shorts and threw everything into the washing machine and started it.

I needed to put some facial cotton pads into my bag, and went looking in the bathroom cupboard for a pack I knew I had stored there. I discovered a new refill bottle of hand washing foam (which I forgot about). It’s funny, as just the other day I thought about going to pick up another one to refill all of our bathroom hand wash dispensers (we have them in 4 bathrooms and one at the kitchen sink). I figured while I had a moment I should fill up at least the upstairs dispensers – seeing as I found it (and didn’t want to forget about it again). I filled them up, but made a mess and spilt a bunch, so grabbed a cleaning rag and mopped up. I didn’t want to waste the soap on the rag, so why not clean the toilet. I reached for the bathroom cleaner and proceeded to do just that. We have another washroom upstairs, so I cleaned that toilet too.

I now have two full foaming hand wash containers and clean toilets. I gathered some used towels, the rag, and put them into the laundry room for another load, but not before I washed my hands in both washrooms (just have to test out the dispensers) and used another rag to dry the sinks and counters, making everything sparkly and fresh.

Our bag is packed for camping (just waiting on the new shorts), including the cotton pads I originally went in search of. My toilets and a couple of sinks are nice and clean. I have a change of clothes on, a load of laundry on the spin cycle, one in the basket waiting, and this story almost finished.

Unfortunately, I have a cup of tea (that I’ve reheated twice this morning) gone cold once again, but it still tastes good!

Not bad for an hour in the morning in the day of the life of a multitasking nut!

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