Traveling Your Bucket List – Step by Step

I had the pleasure of writing the following article for the newsletter, Heart and Mind Matters, by Best U Can B.

I recently came back from an overseas vacation to England and Scotland, where my family attended a cousins wedding. Traveling to the United Kingdom (UK) had been on my bucket list for a number of years.

The question became one of ‘could we ever afford it’? I think because of the distance, the idea of traveling there seemed impossible. Have you ever put constraints on a bucket list item?  Why do we put obstacles in the way of some of the wish lists we have?

Usually, the first thing we do is associate an activity with a monetary value. Then we put a timing issue on it. Life gets in the way and we never find the time to bring our wish to realization. Ah the excuses go on and on and on…

My dream vacation was to visit London, Scotland and parts in between. First Hubby said, “It’s so expensive!”, then came the, “Well, you know you need at least six weeks to visit. There’s so much to see in only a couple of weeks”, then “How can I take that much time off work.” It seems the negatives never ended. I tried to be hopeful though. I really, eventually wanted to go over ‘there’.

To read the rest of the article, (issue date Tue 28/06/2016), please visit: Heart and Mind Matters – Traveling Your Bucket List by Patricia L. Atchison

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