Launching in Four, Three, Two, One

As I launch my new website, I realize my journey over the last few years (and much longer) has been one of deep, dark, surfacing, light and places in between. More ups than downs, downs than ups and generally all around(s).

Like any journey, you figure you are on the right path, you are taking great strides and then an incident occurs. In a split second all that was well is no longer. I know most people experience something along their life’s path which changes them. It could be anything… individual to each.

Imagine an egg on the surface of the counter. Spin it and it stays in control, although still spinning. Put it on an uneven surface though and the spinning can create something which spirals out of control. It may crack, or worse, tumble off the edge and break. All that is left is a shell.

Unlike the egg, humans have a way of piecing themselves back together in many different ways. Evolving, never the same, becoming whole, breaking apart… and so the life cycle continues over and over.

I was lost for a bit – not sure who I was, what I was meant to be doing. I took down my old website – one about my writing, publishing and children’s books. I wasn’t sure I could call myself a writer anymore, as that’s not what I did on a regular basis. I’ve pieced myself back together again. I found bits of my old self who I loved dearly. Those bits that love creativity and making dolls and teddy bears. I’ve allowed my spirit to come out and play again with my hands sculpting whatever they choose.

Though I couldn’t write great length pieces I started writing daily affirmations for myself. For lack of a better word, I called them my oneism 8-29-2016one-isms’. These quotes given to me as gifts from the universe, helped to guide my day into a more positive spin.

As time went on, I started downloading different templates for a new website. I must have blasted through over ten of them. I worked on them for days, sometimes weeks, and I didn’t feel anything, except robot-like, so I’d download another one, hoping that was the answer. I discovered that it wasn’t the shell that was the problem. It was the content I was looking for. I lost the purpose of why I wanted or even needed a website?

Over time, I sat down and did some serious reflecting. I discovered a “Beautiful’ template (yes that’s really the name of it), downloaded it and carried on with ease, where everything flowed as intended. Piecing together what makes up the essence of me – for now. I came up with the following:

“I am not just a writer, or a Nia Dance Teacher, or someone who is creative. I embody all that is in light, love and joy, trying to climb out of conformity of what people perceive me to be or ‘should be’. I wish to share my passion, zest and gift of life with others. A shift from ego to helpfulness. It is not who Patricia L. Atchison is, but what I can do for you by sharing my voice, my creativity, and my dancing through Life.”

My blog… a time for fun, for joy, for light – sharing all that is close to my heart.
My website… a place to visit.
Please, won’t you sit down and join me for a cup of tea?

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