Every now and then a project comes along that speaks to my heart and I know I must answer the call to write. One ongoing project, to be published in its entirety by the end of 2017, is the e-Book, The Book of Emotions, designed by Anna Linder. […]

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Love comes with no judgements, there is no room for loving when judging thoughts occur. Love comes without preconceived notion, if you pre-think or predetermine action – there is no room for love. Love comes when we seek beauty, no matter what or who we see, if we […]

It’s amazing that when we have children or animals who misbehave (not to mention husbands, siblings, etc.,) it is usually quite easy to be loud and vocal to state our intentions. Being vocal with breath, vowel sounds, grunts, moans and groans in a Nia class with many other […]