Love Comes

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Love comes with no judgements,
there is no room for loving when judging thoughts occur.

Love comes without preconceived notion,
if you pre-think or predetermine action – there is no room for love.

Love comes when we seek beauty,
no matter what or who we see, if we view from a sense of beauty… Love comes.

Love comes with compassion,
seeking compassion amongst diversity allows love to come.

Love comes accepting others as they are,
we can’t change anyone. If we fight who they are, then we can’t love them.

When judging, we’ve found an excuse to walk away.
If one chooses love with no judgement,
then it is easier to stay together, decades could never be lost.

Love comes with love, but…. If there is no ‘like’ can Love still come?

© by Patricia L. Atchison

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