Anna Linder ~ The Book Of Emotions

Every now and then a project comes along that speaks to my heart and I know I must answer the call to write. One ongoing project, to be published in its entirety by the end of 2017, is the e-Book, The Book of Emotions, designed by Anna Linder. Anna is a Graphic Designer, who is sharing her love of design and heart expression by creating the idea of an emotional directory. She wishes for it to become, “a small encyclopedia on emotions for anybody and everybody who needs guidance”. Each month she invites writers to share their thoughts and insights on “how it feels to feel” on a particular emotion.

I answered the call to write on the emotion of, Support, for publication in the third chapter of The Book of Emotions. I am so thrilled to be accepted and published along with these fabulous authors: Amy Barfield Martin, Kristina Johnson, Tracy Stamper, Bretton Keating and Lysa Black .

Anna created a website and Facebook page for her heartfelt project, and is continually engaging people to read, write and become involved. Be sure to delve into The Book of Emotions ~ Chapter Three – Support.

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