Inspire Your Mind Article – Pillar Two (of four) Inspired by the Shin Dao Institute

I had the honour and pleasure of being asked to write a series of articles for the Shin Dao Institute’s Heart and Mind Matters Newsletter in the fall of 2016. The second article is based on the second Pillar of the Shin Dao Philosophy – that of “Inspire Your Mind”. In this article, I talk about – You Are What You Read.

You Are What You Read
by Patricia L. Atchison (Heart and Mind Matters 11/29/2016)

We have four separate, yet wholly sustaining entities, that make up our ‘selves ‘ or our ‘being’. You’ve no doubt heard about the Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit connections. All function as a whole, but are often separated as individual pieces in written articles, general topics of discussion, and courses that are offered everywhere, such as: Learn How to Open Your Heart; Listen to Body Wisdom; Gain Spiritual Growth; Mindfulness 101.

One of the guiding principles of the Shin Dao Institute is, “Inspire Your Mind”. An easy task, but what does “Inspire Your Mind” really mean?

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