Open Your Heart Article – Pillar Three (of four) Inspired by the Shin Dao Institute

I had the honour and pleasure of being asked to write a series of articles for the Shin Dao Institute’s Heart and Mind Matters Newsletter in the fall of 2016. The third article is based on the third Pillar of the Shin Dao Philosophy – that of “Open Your Heart”. This pillar is key to living your life with greater love and joy. In this article, I talk about – thinking with your heart or your head.

Thinking With Your Heart or Your Head
by Patricia L. Atchison (Heart and Mind Matters 12/06/2016)

I met a person several years ago, an acupuncturist, who I really feel saved my life. I was having so many issues and didn’t know where to turn. This person knew exactly what I needed, and especially what I needed to hear. The healing comments were sparse, but when they came, they were real zingers. They struck me to the core.

One such statement, after a brief conversation about my physical ailments and personal troubles was, “Ah, Patricia, always thinking with the heart and not the mind.”

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