Anna Linder ~ The Book Of Emotions – Completion Update

Every now and then a project comes along which speaks to my heart and I know I must answer the call to write. The e-Book, The Book of Emotions, designed and compiled in 2017, by graphic designer, Anna Linder, shows Anna’s love of design and heart expression. She created the idea of an emotional directory and invited authors to participate in the, ‘how it feels to feel’, project by submitting works which reflected a journey of the definition of what an emotion felt like to them. While she completes the edits and final compilation of the project, I thought I would share the specific emotions (chapters) I wrote about.

If you would love to read the complete e-Book, sections can be downloaded at . If you would like to write a readers review, Anna would love to hear from you.

I enjoyed writing about the emotions of Support, Peace, Fear, Joy and Courage. It took courage to delve into how I felt each emotion as I journeyed into past conflicts, joys and triumphs throughout my life.

I believe, The Book of Emotions, will be a great resource for those struggling through different emotions during difficult times in their lives. It is an easy read, where one can pick and choose an emotion when it speaks to them, without having to read the complete book. I’m so grateful to be a part of this journey and project and can’t wait to see the completed project.

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