Welcome to my Imaginative Studio for the Mind, Body & Spirit

I love exploring and engaging in creativity – through writing, sculpting art dolls and teddy bears, and teaching holistic dance fitness. My ultimate wish is to share my creations with the world, thus giving my audience (and me) the most joy and pleasure.

Books Published ~
Touching the world…
With writing of children’s books and how-to books about writing for children.

Writing Studio ~ For the Mind…
I believe life is about interaction; with a partner, in solitude, among family and beyond ourselves to that which touches us, makes us feel alive, a part of this world. Writing is an outlet that lets me touch all forms of interaction, sharing with people ideas of fiction, non fiction, poetry and journal writing. (Please visit my Writing Studio Blog categories.)

Nia Dance Movement/Fitness ~ For the Body…
I believe Nia touches each cell in my body, whether it is finding joy in movement, sudden urges to dance, remembering to stand right in posture or reliving cherished memories of past Nia events and training, Nia settled in and found a home in my heart, passion in my bones, and joy in my being, and for that I am forever grateful.

Creative Arts ~ For The Spirit…
I believe the joy of allowing creativity is knowing that no limits of self expression exist. What flows from inside into tangible media, shared with all, becomes everlasting, a part of this earth, for everyone to enjoy. I love media which allows three-dimensional sculpting whether by fabric, clay or other mediums. (Please visit my Creative Blog categories and Gallery.)


Every now and then a project comes along that speaks to my heart and I know I must answer the call to write. One ongoing project, to be published in its entirety by the end of 2017, is the e-Book, The Book of Emotions, designed by Anna Linder. […]

heart love

Love comes with no judgements, there is no room for loving when judging thoughts occur. Love comes without preconceived notion, if you pre-think or predetermine action – there is no room for love. Love comes when we seek beauty, no matter what or who we see, if we […]

It’s amazing that when we have children or animals who misbehave (not to mention husbands, siblings, etc.,) it is usually quite easy to be loud and vocal to state our intentions. Being vocal with breath, vowel sounds, grunts, moans and groans in a Nia class with many other […]

Kindness is easy for the most part, especially when we are reminded at certain times of the year to be kind to one another. It’s easy to open a door for a stranger, or help someone with their groceries, to say a good word at the checkout. The […]

To me, Facebook has become the ‘Ugly’ regarding negative posts about Politics, Religion, Humanity, Nature, Ecology and the Welfare of Animals, and sometimes life in general. Years ago when people shared their lives, it looked like everyone was living a great positive life – look at all the […]

Kananaskis Cattle Drive

The Country Pulse by Patricia L. Atchison. There is a pulse to the country That time only knows. The heartbeat of rancher, farmer and toiler, The heartbeat of livestock, The heartbeat of the earth growing, changing, evolving Each touching the other. Man with animal, Animal to earth and […]

French Fries

Sometimes you just want to go back… whether it is for an experience, to remember an awesome outing or for great food. If you are from Calgary, you will remember that ‘The Bay’ downtown (The Hudson’s Bay Company) had a great little cafeteria on the top floor, and […]

As I launch my new website, I realize my journey over the last few years (and much longer) has been one of deep, dark, surfacing, light and places in between. More ups than downs, downs than ups and generally all around(s). Like any journey, you figure you are […]

I love this quote; “Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” (Brian End), as I believe that all art has merit no matter who created it. To someone a piece of art may be just an object, but to […]

I had the pleasure of writing the following article for the newsletter, Heart and Mind Matters, by Best U Can B. I recently came back from an overseas vacation to England and Scotland, where my family attended a cousins wedding. Traveling to the United Kingdom (UK) had been […]

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