Welcome to my Imaginative Studio for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Hi, I’m Patricia L Atchison. I’ve been delving into writing arts ever since I was in high school. My twenties, thirties and forties brought forth a passion in doll making and teddy bear artistry. With my mind and spirit fulfilled, it was time to take care of my body, and now during my fifties, I am learning to listen and care about my body through Nia Dance Fitness.


Full circle

I’ve always put my creativity on the ‘back burner’. A cliche I know, but one that suits. Family, work and simply carrying on with living day after day became a priority. Now that family is grown and work pressures are eased, it is time to really listen and be mindful of the creative aspects of my being. I feel I’ve come full circle back to the passions that niggled at my brain so many years ago. And it is here I wish to share them with you.


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